Upcoming Events

  • 04/20
    8:00 PM

    3-Star Jubilee Presents The Honeycutters

    The Honeycutters are just doing what they know how to do: making music that feels as good to hear as it does to play. Their original brand of Americana has proven equally appealing to both the musician and the music lover, the country and the city, and the old and the young.

  • 04/21
    10:00 PM

    Half Price Pints and The KMS Trio featuring Daniel Kimbro, Chad Melton, and Mike Seal

    A genre-hopping roots-roux featureing original arrangements of melodies both familiar and obscure from some of Knoxville’s most sought-after sidemen.

  • 04/22
    10:00 PM

    Half Price Pints and Caitlin Krisko of The Broadcast

    Caitlin Krisko is the lead vocalist for The Broadcast, a six piece powerhouse rock & roll band that currently resides in Asheville, NC.

  • 04/23
    8:00 PM

    Live Team Trivia

    The Trivia Guys host team trivia offering prizes to the top finishers.

  • 04/24
    10:00 PM

    Honey Spine

    Honey Spine is a progressive folk trio from western New York consisting of Brian Chieco on banjo, banjolele and vocals, Tim Martin on guitar and vocals, and Ingo Hutzenlaub on bass guitar. Their rowdy passion roars through their openhearted songs, which burst with technical prowess and tight melodic vocal harmonies.

  • 04/26
    10:00 PM

    90.3 WUTK Presents King Super and The Excellents

    King Super and The Excellents are a brutally flamboyant rock-&-roll band, based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Formed in 2010 they have quickly become an exalted force in the Knoxville (and surrounding area) music scene, winning awards, and the favor of all that hear and see them perform.

  • 04/27
    8:00 PM

    3-Star Jubilee Presents The Hillbenders

    The HillBenders are a seasoned group of talented bluegrass musicians hailing from all over the country. With interests and influences as far-reaching as their hometowns, the sound they produce is unique and captivating.

  • 04/28
    10:00 PM

    Half Price Pints and The BluePrint

    Keith L. Brown is a pianist, composer, bassist and educator. This son of three-time Grammy nominated jazz pianist Donald Brown was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Knoxville, TN. Keith earned his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 2009 and completed his Masters of Music Degree in May 2011.

  • 04/29
    10:00 PM

    Half Price Pints and Paleroot

    Singer/Songwriters Aaron Freeman and Jordan Burris weave tales that hold close to traditions but also invite exploration of the genre’s they represent.

  • 04/30
    8:00 PM

    Live Team Trivia

    The Trivia Guys host team trivia offering prizes to the top finishers.

  • 05/01
    10:00 PM

    The Broadcast

    The Broadcast is hard-edged, soulful rock music bursting-at-the-seams. Drawing much of their ambience from 70′s classic rock, they’re a band with an explosive female lead singer, riffing guitar, mood-altering keys and a rock-solid rhythm section.

  • 05/02
    10:00 PM
  • 05/03
    10:00 PM

    The Mumbles

    THE MUMBLES are a tiny band with a mighty sound. Using two keyboards, drum kit, and a saxophone, they combine New Orleans funk and soul with old time jazz to create original “pop songs in the key of partying down” (Time Out New York).

  • 05/04
    8:00 PM

    3-Star Jubilee Presents Jon Whitlock Trio

    Jon whitlock, Meade Armstrong and Jessica Watson make music that is loud and soft, high and low, fast and slow by picking, bowing, strumming and plucking strings together and apart and each with their own voice they sing words that sometimes rhyme… and sometimes do not.

  • 05/05
    10:00 PM

    Half Price Pints and Nelo

    “Nelo”, the new self-titled L.P. released February 4, 2014. It is a big, bold, evocative ensemble of sounds that somehow feels edgy and alluring at the same time. And this record is perhaps truer to the band’s roots than any of the other recordings that Nelo has produced in the last few years. The album is packed with effortless live energy.

    The Novel Ideas will be opening the show.

  • 05/09
    10:00 PM

    Royal Bangs

    Royal Bangs has always been a band going in two directions at once. Over the course of three full-lengths, the Knoxville, Tennessee band has kept pace with the indie rock vanguard, maturing through leftfield guitar pop and MIDI dancefloor theatrics to 2011’s freedom-prog fuzzfest FLUX OUTSIDE, which found the band pared down to its creative core of Ryan Schaefer, Chris Rusk, and Sam Stratton.

    Johnny Astro and The Big Bang will be opening up the show.


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