Bended Light

Sat 5/08 • 10:00pm

A dynamic “Psychedelic-Funk-Rock”4-piece band from Norfolk, Virginia. Formed in the late Summer of 2013, when guitarist Jordan Cooper and bassist Jack Gallagher joined musical forces to begin the vision. The two together have performed publicly since 2014 while releasing their Debut Album “Bend A Little” in May 2015. With the additions of Keith Perkins on drums and Andy Cappetta on keyboards, the envelope is being pushed with a heavy emphasis on creative original songwriting.

Playing mainly original music the band spurs from a mixture of influences including Phish, Talking Heads, Circles Around the Sun, Grateful Dead, etc. Constantly wanting to get “further out there” Bended Light has ventured all over the Hampton Roads region including performances across Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Supporting acts such as Pink Talking Fish, Big Something, Erin & The Wildfire, Kendall Street Company, South Hill Banks, Here Come The Mummies, Mister F, Kudu Stooge, Delirious George, and many more bands.

Seamlessly working together and listening to each other’s ideas, allows the band to carve a unique jam performed differently each time. Trey Anastasio explained in an interview with regards to creating with his band ‘Phish’, they crafted their musical sound with a “Chasing the ha” or a “Yes and” approach. This is a game of musical follow the leader or in other words all of the band members are saying yes to each other and expanding each other’s ideas in real time. While crafting songs with powerful and meaningful lyrics, these guys want to make sure you get up, dance, and groove the night away. This dynamic 4-piece from Norfolk, Virginia is not something to miss!

Adding Keith Perkins as the new drummer in 2019, the three guys brought their forces together for a Spring Tour across the East Coast hitting markets in Savannah, Georgia, Richmond, Virginia, Asheville, North Carolina and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In this year the long-awaited “Window EP” studio EP was recorded at “Whiskey Bear Studios” in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Andy Cappetta added in 2020, is the newest addition to the 4 piece fueling the jams with his fire, melodies, and rhythm! The guys are ready to hit the road and show the world their music!

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