Vintage Pistol

Fri 10/01 • 10:00pm

Based out of the Ozark mountains in Fayetteville, AR. Vintage Pistol is one of those bands that will both captivate and confound you quickly. With remnants of early Lotus and the songwriting and storytelling of Widespread Panic. You can often see and hear their conversations on stage about Good vs. Evil, UFO’s, and Living in the moment. Expect to crave an escape: a trip to explore a vibe they understand well. This is a late evening into early morning band that leaves no story untold.

Vintage Pistol takes the old road to rock and roll fame and fortune. Relentless touring. Hundreds of gigs, from city to city, night after night, crowds fueled by the love of the sound and the bands relentless desire to connect. No matter where or when you see them, you’ll never catch them on an off night. Comprising a heavy rhythm section, searing electric guitars, keyboards, synths and valued song-writing. They are described by most as wild, rambunctious and jam heavy. They explode like a flintrock spark to black powder and rage wildly and unpredictably throughout their shows.

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