Willa Mae and Connor Kelly

Fri 7/31 • 10:00pm

Willa Mae is in perpetual motion. Since her debut album Kids’ release, she has stirred the local attention of her hometown Knoxville, Tennessee. Blank Newspaper defined the debut as “a piece of sonic art – a pop gem – and is potentially the best album released in Knoxville last year.” The whimsical, honest, and youthful singer/songwriter embraces the idea of do-it-yourself with open arms and rejects commitment to any one particular genre (although, an Appalachian influence is almost inevitable when born and raised in East Tennessee, especially if your parents are The Lonetones, a Knox-local indie mountain-folk band). At just 6 years old, Willa was a founding member of the band The Pinklets, until she gravitated towards making her own music, using SoundCloud as a creative dumping ground. She continues to delve into new territories and test her limits as she writes and records a sophomore album, where she’ll be exploring punk themes through a pop lens.

Connor Kelly is a 6-time Sofar veteran and old-souled artist with a passion for authenticity. While Kelly’s sound normally falls under the rock ‘n’ roll genre, he is not one to categorize the music he makes and isn’t afraid to deviate from the norm. With a full LP and a handful of releases available now, Connor’s music appeals to the people in a style that is nostalgic to old age rock, while also introducing his own unique approach. Much like his releases, Kelly’s live performance is electrifying and timeless. Connor and his band of long time friends have played shows for crowds all around the US in a plethora of cities and states. With a contagious energy radiated from jaw-dropping progressive jams and stellar guitar work from his blood brother and co-writer, Benjamin Kelly, a show is pieced together that brings songs to life and never fails to entertain.

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