Jake Smith’s Alchemical Junction

Thurs 6/29 • 9:00pm • Free

“It can be a common thing to hear questions like “Who is this band?” or “Who in the world are these guys?” out in the wild. One may want the answers, but it is our goal to keep you in a state of constant wondering. Assembling a new cast of characters in the blink of an eye, Alchemical Junction keeps that sense of wonder on the edge of your consciousness. Who will be present on the stage this month? Who will grace this newfound outfit? Only way to know is to come be in the presence of the potion.

Alchemical Junction is an ever changing lineup of local and regional musicians curated monthly by Knoxville musician Jake Smith. Occurring the last Thursday of every month, it is bound to give listeners a one of a kind experience with a “one-night-only” lineup of stellar artists.”

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