Lee Rod & The Various States

Sun 10/22 • 8:00pm • Free

If you have ever wandered out into the yard in the dark and stepped on the tine end of a garden rake, then you will understand the feeling.  It’s taking a bunch of good thins, a few surprising things, a good dash of confusion and the urge to fight you war out of a wet paper bag.

Jon Whitlock on drums and Vince Ilagan on bass are keeping it tighter than the pockets on a pair of skinny jeans.

While Brock Henderson on the pedal steal guitar and “Dr.” Drew Jones on electric guitar are playing licks hotter than the Tennessee asphalt on a summer day.

And don’t forget about Cory Kimbro on mandolin/vocals and Rodney Lee with acoustic guitar/vocals pulling heart strings and pouring honey in your ears like a hot biscuit at a Sunday brunch.

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