Ben McLaughlin and The Mystic Marauders w/HiDaze

Sat 7/27 • 10:00pm • $5 cover

Deep in the Appalachian mountains, “Ben McLaughlin” creates folk music that sounds like an electrified awakening.
   “Ben McLaughlin” is from the same place that you are from. Walking the delicate line between being Nobody and being God, with sound as the medium, this human channels music through the pursuit of dissecting emotions and trauma. In a gumbo-like fashion, the self-recorded results are tastefully strewn together by an infinite collision of influences; from sonic sculptors such as George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, Prince and Blake Mills, to spiritual teacher Ram Dass, photographer Stephen Shore, and audio engineer Steve Albini.
   “Ben McLaughlin” performs his work in many musical formats and settings, but by far the most powerful experience comes from a performance with The Mystic Marauders. An experienced ensemble featuring Jake Smith on guitar and vocals, Jack Willard on bass, Haley Labelle on keys and vocals, and Chris Potocik on drums, the group has been described as “what I imagine seeing the [Grateful] Dead at one of those Acid Test shows was like,” by local music aficionado and archivist Brian Meccia (of Quiet Ocean).
   A live archive of the band’s previous performances is available for perusal and purchase on Bandcamp. Listen to the newest singles “Enough” and “Impossible Stealing” before or after a deep breath. Love everybody.

HiDaze will be opening the show!!!

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